Now that you’ve read the book, what can you do? Here are concrete steps you can take to make a real, tangible difference:

  • Are you a student interested in technology and ethics? Do you want to promote discussion about technology, ethics, and policy on campus? Fill out this interest form to get plugged into our network and stay informed about our events, programming, and student club organizing.

  • If you’re a professional, sign up for our evening ethics class for technology professionals.
  • If you’re a professional, form an Ethics@ employee resource group at your company. This is an excellent guide to forming an Employee Resource Group. Please use our events as a resource, and let us know on social media how we can help.
  • If you’re anyone who is concerned about these issues, form a discussion group using the book and our additional resources to help your friends get educated about what’s at stake. Use our Reader’s Guide as a tool.
  • Sign up for this Substack newsletter for a new take on ethics and technology.
  • Attend our events here, and follow us on Social Media to join the conversation:
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