Now that you’ve read the book, what can you do? Here are concrete steps you can take to make a real, tangible difference:

  •  If you’re an academic teaching about ethics and technology, request a free exam copy of the book! 
  • If you’re a professional, working in/adjacent to tech, attend our 2023 evening tech ethics class for technology professionals.  
  • If you’re a professional, form an Ethics@ employee resource group at your company. This is an excellent guide to forming an Employee Resource Group. Please use our events as a resource, and let us know on social media how we can help.
  • If you’re anyone who is concerned about these issues, form a discussion group using the book and our additional resources to help your friends get educated about what’s at stake. Use our Reader’s Guide as a tool. 
  • Attend our events here, and follow us on Social Media to join the conversation: @systemerrorbook on Twitter. 
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