Evening course on Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change with Stanford professors and Bloomberg Beta.

Admitted students will engage with instructors Rob Reich, Mehran Sahami, and Jeremy Weinstein–three Stanford professors and the authors of System Error–along with a curated group of technologists, public officials, civil society leaders, and scholars in conversation around ethics, public policy, and technological change. Course conveners have previously hosted Reid Hoffman, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Brian Acton, Safiya Noble, and many others.

The course focus: discuss multiple, often opposing, views about what can and should be done around the ethical and social issues technology companies face. We’ll look at fundamental texts, and explore them in the context of issues like obligations to community and society, data privacy, algorithmic decision-making, handling contractors vs. employees, geopolitics, the power of private platforms, diversity and inclusion, and the culture of Silicon Valley. Emphasis will be on working through real-world and hypothetical dilemmas in small-group discussions with professional peers.

This course is for tech and other interested professionals. We’ve run the course twice previously and look forward to engaging even more leaders in and around tech as we run two sessions of the course in 2022. Apply to enroll here. Please note the course will be virtual.


Option 1: January 19 – March 2 (seven sessions on Wednesday evenings) 

Option 2: Dates to be determined

Each course will require a registration fee of $300. Please note that no proceeds will be received by or redirected to Bloomberg or Bloomberg Beta from this fee. If the fee is an obstacle to participation, we will provide financial assistance to ensure a diverse and balanced group.

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